Founded in 1859

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Chairman – Alan Dallman

Membership Secretary – Pat Simons

Treasurer – Anne Dallman

Secretary – Roxane Stirling

Committee Members: Laura Boothman,
Sylvia Hurst, Jill Marston, Steven Marston, Gary Sycamore

Contact Details:

Highgate Horticultural Society




Alan & Anne Dallman, Chairman & Treasurer, 27 Wood Vale, N10 3DJ
Tel: 020 8883 9186

Roxane Stirling, Secretary, 26 Ashmount Road, N19 3BJ. Tel: 020 7263 6831

Pat Simons, Membership Secretary,
100 Muswell Hill Road, N10 3JR.
Tel: 020 8883 1166

Founded in 1859


Newsletter 27 - October 2013


We are looking to encourage new exhibitors to our shows and I know, because I have overheard it many times at the shows, people feel it is not worth entering as the same names keep winning the cups.

Well, it is a chicken and egg situation.  If we didn’t have our ‘big hitters’ what sort of show would we be able to put on? But if new exhibitors don’t enter how will this ever change?

So let’s have a quiet revolution, start small with a few exhibits and who knows in a few years it will be you accepting a cup - believe me our ‘big hitters’ would be very happy to have more competition!  To encourage this we are giving new awards at each show, starting next year, for the best newcomer to exhibiting.  Young or not so young, all welcome!  Flowers, vegetables and flower arranging – get your thinking caps on and see what you can enter.  I promise you, once you get the bug there will be no stopping you!


I am writing this whilst sitting in my conservatory, the sun is shining although the wind is chilly but the birds are in abundance eating away, a sight to behold.

We have enjoyed another good year with our shows, although who remembers the Spring show with snow on the ground and our stalwart members selling the plants what a grand troupe we have.

All three shows went very well with many entries and all made a profit.  HHS is very lucky to have a hard working committee and also a great band of helpers.  We are looking for members to join our committee to share in the hard work of running the Society and staging shows.  If you are interested please contact me or our Secretary.

On a personal note I thought you might care to know what we have been doing during the year.  First of all, in June we were honoured with a visit to our garden from HRH Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex.  He is the Patron of the London Gardens Society (of which I am a member) and he likes to visit two or three prize winning gardens a year.  In 2010 our garden at 27 Wood Vale won the cup for the best large back garden in London; we also won again this year and attended the Guildhall for the award ceremony – a great evening. Our garden was open in July for the National Gardens Scheme and our committee members who helped with the teas and cakes made a magnificent profit of £200.  Then in September we celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary and were joined by 65 friends and family for a truly memorable party.   

So now back to gardening; my bulbs have just arrived and I am busily sorting out pots ready for planting for the Spring show. I like to start planting daffodils about mid-October then about two weeks later tulips which hopefully will give good blooms. If you are showing, do remember to plant in good time for the Spring show, keep your eyes on the plants because there are little animals that quite like a bulb or two.  I put my empty hanging baskets over the pots, especially tulips.

Hoping to see lots of exhibits next year I wish you all a very happy and successful year of gardening.


We really do need some more able bodied volunteers to help us set up the show on Friday morning (early start!) particularly, carrying tables up from the basement and setting them out in the church and of course the same in reverse on Saturday evening.  Please give the Secretary or Chairman a call to have a chat about what is involved.  


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