Founded in 1859

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Chairman – Alan Dallman

Membership Secretary – Pat Simons

Treasurer – Anne Dallman

Secretary – Roxane Stirling

Committee Members: Laura Boothman,
Sylvia Hurst, Jill Marston, Steven Marston, Gary Sycamore

Contact Details:

Highgate Horticultural Society




Alan & Anne Dallman, Chairman & Treasurer, 27 Wood Vale, N10 3DJ
Tel: 020 8883 9186

Roxane Stirling, Secretary, 26 Ashmount Road, N19 3BJ. Tel: 020 7263 6831

Pat Simons, Membership Secretary,
100 Muswell Hill Road, N10 3JR.
Tel: 020 8883 1166

Founded in 1859


Newsletter 30 - October 2015


I’m sure every Society has peaks and troughs in popularity and our Society, which is now over 150 years old, has probably had a few.  However, we do seem to be in a major trough now. We do have a loyal core membership, some keen exhibitors and a dedicated Committee but we are all getting older and we can’t see many younger members joining to take up the baton of management of the Society.  As we have said before, we are at the point where we struggle to set up the shows for lack of able bodied helpers.

We want your ideas on how we can recruit new members, bring visitors to the shows and encourage people to join the committee.  Fundraising, whilst important, is secondary to our major concern, which about who will continue work of the current long-serving committee into the future.  Do you think the Society should continue in its present form or perhaps you think it is time for change?  Please let us know.


I don’t know if it is true, but they say as you get older the years go quicker; this year certainly seems to have flown by.  Weather wise, as per usual, has had its challenges for the gardens. A hot Summer in April then varied until the start of May, a prolonged dry period until July, then back to varied followed by sun in October!

Looking out to my garden there is still a lot of colour, but soon the bedding will have to go and the Spring bulbs planted.  Don’t forget to study the enclosed schedule for the Spring Show and plant your daffodils in pots now and, as I do, plant more in about two to three weeks’ time so you have a better chance of perfection for the Spring Show.

Tulips should be planted late October early November. The other job for Winter is to study the seed catalogues and choose your seeds for 2016.

All three shows in 2015 were very well exhibited and attended and it is so good to see some new members exhibiting for the first time.

As I have we have said before the Society continues to do quite well with a reduced committee and volunteers to set up the show and man the stalls.  

We are still looking for new committee members and if you have any ideas for making sure that the Society can continue as it has done for the past 156 years let us know and we will discuss them at our next committee meeting.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you next year.  

Happy gardening!

Alan Dallman


Show dates for 2016 are 2 April, 16 July and 17 September.

Our AGM will be on 16 March.  This is your opportunity to have you say in how the Society is run so do please come along.  



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