Founded in 1859

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Chairman – Alan Dallman

Membership Secretary – Myfanwy Probyn

Treasurer – Jo Sheehan

Secretary – Roxane Stirling

Committee Members: Laura Boothman, Anne Dallman, Celia Davies, Sylvia Hurst, Yvonne Locke, Jill Marston, Steven Marston, Patrick Roberts, Pat Simons, Rosie Slosek, Gary Sycamore

Contact Details:

Highgate Horticultural Society




Alan Dallman, Chairman,
27 Wood Vale, N10 3DJ
Tel: 020 8883 9186

Roxane Stirling, Secretary, 26 Ashmount Road, N19 3BJ. Tel: 020 7263 6831

Myfanwy Probyn, Membership Secretary,
48 Brookfield Mansions, Highgate West Hill, N6 6AT. Tel: 07896 940 089

Founded in 1859


Newsletter 33 - February 2017


This is the formal notification of the AGM of the Society which will be at 2.30pm on 18 March, 2017 at the Highgate Society, 10a South Grove, N6 6BS. We are, once again, trying a Saturday afternoon in the hope that more members will attend.  As last year, to cut down on expenses (and save trees!), we will not be sending a separate notice of meeting and agenda, they will be available at the meeting together with the 2016 minutes and audited accounts.  If you would like copies in advance please contact the Secretary. Apart from the usual agenda items we will be discussing the future of the Society, so it is very important that you attend the meeting.

Show dates for 2017 are 1 April, 15 July and 16 September.  Fair in the Square is on 17 June. Jill & Steven Marston are planning two outings later in the year.  If you would like details please call Jill on 020 8340 7919 or email


The Society approaches 2017 with great problems, after 158 years, it may no longer exist by the end of the year.

For the last four years the committee has been trying to persuade members to join us.  Our full committee should have 18 members; we are now down to 10.  More seriously we have been trying to find a new Treasurer. My wife who took over in the post 16 years ago (after agreeing to stand for two years) would like to hand it on; she advised the committee of this some three years ago and now she wants to stand down. This is a now crisis situation and the strain on the existing committee is showing.

We have always endeavoured to ensure our shows are among the best in the area and we all feel a great responsibility towards the Society, however, the lack of response to our appeals for new committee members and show helpers is a matter of grave concern.

Clearly, this situation cannot continue and we will be discussing the matter at the Annual General Meeting. If a solution is not found I am afraid the Society will have to look very seriously at alternative ways for the Society to go forward so we can ensure its survival.

The Chairman would like to thank the committee and our loyal band of helpers for all the hard work they do in putting on our shows.

Very special thanks must go to Roxane, a long standing committee member and our Honorary Secretary for the last 25 years, without her invaluable support the Society would not have lasted these many years.


Come along and help set up or clear away at one of our shows, help with the teas or on one of the other stalls.

Give Roxane a call or write with your name and contact details to: The Secretary, 26 Ashmount Road, London N19 3BJ Tel. 020 7263 6831 email



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