Founded in 1859

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Chairman – Alan Dallman

Membership Secretary – Myfanwy Probyn

Treasurer – Jo Sheehan

Secretary – Roxane Stirling

Committee Members: Laura Boothman, Anne Dallman, Celia Davies, Sylvia Hurst, Yvonne Locke, Jill Marston, Steven Marston, Patrick Roberts, Pat Simons, Rosie Slosek, Gary Sycamore

Contact Details:

Highgate Horticultural Society




Alan Dallman, Chairman,
27 Wood Vale, N10 3DJ
Tel: 020 8883 9186

Roxane Stirling, Secretary, 26 Ashmount Road, N19 3BJ. Tel: 020 7263 6831

Myfanwy Probyn, Membership Secretary,
48 Brookfield Mansions, Highgate West Hill, N6 6AT. Tel: 07896 940 089

Founded in 1859


Show Regulations

1.   Intending exhibitors should give notice in writing, not later then the Thursday before each Show, of the classes in which they intend to exhibit. Novice entries are only open to members who have not won a prize in a previous HHS Show.

2.  The prizes offered, are open to all exhibiting members complying with the Regulations.

3.    Cards corresponding with the entries will be furnished on the morning of the Show for exhibitors, who will be responsible for the proper placing beside the relevant exhibits. Cards of all exhibits not staged to be returned to the Secretary.

4.    Exhibits must be staged between 9am & 11am, after which all persons must leave except those assistants retained by the Show Superintendent.

5.   The appointed officers of the Society will direct the placing of all exhibits.

6.  The Judges may withhold a prize where the exhibits are considered unworthy of it, and their decision will be final.

7.    All exhibits must be the property of the exhibitor for at least two months before the Show.

8.   No exhibitor may stage more than one exhibit in any one class.

9.    Any exhibitor showing anything belonging to another person and entering it as his own, exercising any artifice to deceive the Judges, or otherwise attempting to gain prizes by unfair means, shall forfeit all claims to such prizes.

10.  In the Decorative classes, flowers need not have been grown by the exhibitor.

11.   All cut flowers to be shown in green bikini vases provided by the Society.

12. Vegetable collections must be arranged without packing (parsley and onion rings are permitted).

13.  In all flower classes (excluding Decoratives), only the plant's own foliage to be used. Except for Decoratives and Pot Plants, no artificial supports will be allowed.

Show Regulations
Useful Hints

14.  No person, except the Show Superintendent and his/her assistants, shall handle or touch any specimen without the consent of the owner.

15.  No protest will be considered unless delivered in writing to the Secretary one hour before the Show is due to close.

16.   Entrance to all Shows will be free.

17.  The Shows will close punctually at the appointed time when the exhibits must be removed by their owners.  No exhibits may be removed before this time.  Exhibits not removed within 30 minutes of the appointed closing time may be disposed of at the discretion of the Show Superintendent.

18.  If the Society is not in a position to pay the full amount of prizes, a percentage will be deducted to meet the deficiency.  The Committee does not anticipate having to make any call on exhibitors but inserts the Regulation to provide for such a contingency.

19.  Unless otherwise stated, Horticultural classes are judged according to the RHS rules and Decorative classes according to NAFAS rules.

20.  At the discretion of the Committee a visiting Committee may be appointed with powers to inspect flowers, fruits and vegetables intended for exhibition