Founded in 1859

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Chairman – Alan Dallman

Membership Secretary – Myfanwy Probyn

Treasurer – Jo Sheehan

Secretary – Roxane Stirling

Committee Members: Laura Boothman, Anne Dallman, Celia Davies, Sylvia Hurst, Yvonne Locke, Jill Marston, Steven Marston, Patrick Roberts, Pat Simons, Rosie Slosek, Gary Sycamore

Contact Details:

Highgate Horticultural Society




Alan Dallman, Chairman,
27 Wood Vale, N10 3DJ
Tel: 020 8883 9186

Roxane Stirling, Secretary, 26 Ashmount Road, N19 3BJ. Tel: 020 7263 6831

Myfanwy Probyn, Membership Secretary,
48 Brookfield Mansions, Highgate West Hill, N6 6AT. Tel: 07896 940 089

Founded in 1859


Useful Hints for Exhibitors

1.    Read the schedule carefully.  Stage early.  Check the class number of the schedule; this will correspond with the number on the tables.  If in doubt ask the Superintendent.

2.    All flowers should be fresh.  Good arrangement and colour-blending gain points. Overcrowding loses points; lightness and balance gain points.

3.   Cutting with scissors minimises damage when picking fruit. The natural bloom on fruit gains points. Avoid undue handling and do not wash and polish.

4.    To wash vegetables, use a soft cloth or sponge so as not to damage the skin.  Only the outer skin of onions may be removed. Beans should be straight, fresh and of even size. Multiple vegetable classes should ideally be of uniform size.

5.  Naming of exhibits is not compulsory, except where specifically stated. However, it will help the judges and add greatly to the interest of your exhibit if you can name the variety or varieties of which it consists.




Highgate Horticultural Society has made every effort to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time. We cannot however be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever relating to any exhibit or produce displayed or for sale. We bring to your attention that some products may contain nuts.

Show Regulations
Useful Hints