Spring, Summer, Autumn Show Schedules,
Show Regulations, Entry Forms, Exhibitor Hints and Useful Definitions:


Show Regulations


  1. Intending exhibitors should give notice in writing,    not later then the Thursday before each Show, of the classes in which they intend to exhibit. Novice entries are only open to members who have not won a prize
    in a previous HHS Show.
  2. The prizes offered, are open to all exhibiting members complying with the Regulations.
  3.  Cards corresponding with the entries will be provided on the morning of the Show for exhibitors, who will be responsible for the proper placing beside
    the relevant exhibits. Cards of all exhibits not staged
    to be returned to the Secretary.
  4. Exhibits must be staged between 9am & 11am,
    after which all persons must leave except those assistants retained by the Show Superintendent.
  5. The appointed officers of the Society will direct  placing of all exhibits.
  6. The Judges may withhold a prize where  exhibits  considered unworthy of it,  their decision will be final.
  7. All exhibits must be the property of the exhibitor
    for at least two months before the Show.
  8. No exhibitor may stage more than one exhibit in any one class.
  9. Any exhibitor showing anything belonging to another person and entering it as their own, exercising any artifice to deceive the Judges, or otherwise attempting to gain prizes by unfair means, shall forfeit all claims to such prizes.
  10. In the Decorative classes, flowers need not have been grown by the exhibitor.
  11. All cut flowers to be shown in green bikini vases provided by the Society.
  12. Vegetable collections must be arranged without packing (parsley and onion rings are permitted).
  13. In all flower classes (excluding Decoratives),
    only the plant's own foliage to be used. Except for Decoratives and Pot Plants, no artificial supports will be allowed.

How to enter:


Please send your name, address, telephone number and email address together with your class entry numbers for the relevant show by email by clicking on “Contact Us” or by post or telephone to the:
        Highgate Horticultural Society
        26 Ashmount Road
        London N19 3BJ 
        020 7263 6831


Entries must be received by 5pm on the Thursday before the show.  Please state age of child for children’s classes.  Late entries may be accepted up to one hour before judging at the discretion of the show superintendent.  Novice entries are open only to those members who have not one a prize in a previous
Highgate Horticultural Society Show.


All three shows are held at the:
United Reformed Church, South Grove,
Highgate Village, London N6 6BA
between 2pm and 5pm 
Awards are presented at 3.30pm.


Exhibits may be staged between 9 and 11am when the hall will be cleared and judging begins. Please make sure you read the show regulations. Would previous winners of trophies please clean and return them prior
to the show.

Useful Hints for Exhibitors


1.   Read the schedule carefully. Stage early. Check the class number of the schedule; this will correspond with the number on the tables.
If in doubt ask the Superintendent.

2.   All flowers should be fresh. Good arrangement and colour-blending gain points. Overcrowding loses points; lightness and balance gain points.

3.  Cutting with scissors minimises damage when picking fruit. The natural bloom on fruit gains points. Avoid undue handling and do not wash and polish.

4.  To wash vegetables, use a soft cloth or sponge so as not to damage the skin. Only the outer skin of onions may be removed. Beans should be straight, fresh and of even size. Multiple vegetable classes should ideally be of uniform size.

5. Naming of exhibits is not compulsory, except where specifically stated. However, it will help the judges and add greatly to the interest of your exhibit if you can name the variety or varieties of which it consists.

Useful Hints for Exhibitors


6. For many years we have been told that metal lids are not acceptable when showing “jar” classes, but this has changed and here is the definitive passage from “On with the Show” published in 2021 by the
National Federation of Women’s Institutes:

Covers for jams, jellies, marmalades The first thing the judge looks for is a seal. This shows that the item is actually worthy of the term preserved. Lids should always be put on freshly potted sugar preserves, immediately each jar is filled, when hot. When making the preserve the temperature should not drop below 82ºC (180ºF) to ensure that yeasts and moulds do not survive. A twist top or plastic cover will pop when opened,  if there is a true seal. Avoid honey jars with screw tops, as the thread does not produce a good seal. Twist Tops, however, do give a seal. A seal can only be achieved by: • a new twist top • a waxed disc with cellophane cover. Note. A wax disc, placed smooth side down, when carefully trimmed to fit the rim of the jar and the surface of the preserve, will cause an airtight seal when cooled, and only needs a cellophane cover
to protect from dust. This should never be put on a tepid preserve as the moist air trapped may cause spoilage. Always put cellophane cover on when completely cold. On With The Show 139 Recycled jars and lids Plain jars must be used for showing preserves. Jars and lids bearing trade names e.g., Kilner, Lakeland etc. are discouraged and not recommended for shows. If twist top lids are used for showing, they must be new and plain, as old lids do not always give a good seal. The container and cover should be correct, and suitable for the preservation of the contents. (Check appropriate section for each preserve.) If no seal of preservation is present, the item is not acceptable (NA) and is not marked further. (Often an exhibitor will be tempted to test the seal before exhibiting, and thus destroy it!)
The containers should be clean and unblemished. A little methylated spirit will always give sparkle to a jar, but be careful not to taint fruit curds, which are not sealed. Labels should be plain, neat and straight and of suitable size for the container. Place label between the seams of the jar. Label should state contents and day, month and year of making. An additional cover, (such as gingham) and label which is decorative, are sometimes used to complement a theme in a co-operative exhibit.



Roxane Stirling, Chairman,
26 Ashmount Road, N19 3BJ. Tel: 020 7263 6831


Myfanwy Probyn, Membership Secretary,

48 Brookfield Mansions, Highgate West Hill, N6 6AT. Tel: 07896 940 089

Chairman: Roxane Stirling

Membership Secretary: Myfanwy Probyn

Treasurer: Jo Sheehan

Committee Members:
Laura Boothman, Celia Davies, Yvonne Desbois,
Jill Marston, Steven Marston,
Gary Sycamore, Patrick Roberts